Gold Coast Motorcycle Batteries

You’ve spent the last 3 days discussing the perfect ride through the hinterland with your mates, dreamt about twisting the throttle through some beautiful sweepers, dressed in your leathers with that kind of nervous energy that you know only too well, climbed onto the chasis, engaged the clutch and turned the key and… click… You know she has fuel, you try again… click… the enivitable realisation soon floods in – your battery is dead!

Easy fix right? You take off your pillon seat or cowl, pull the catch, take off the riders seat and… wow… Was there always that many wires and bolts? Okay, it hurts to admit, but you need help, and quickly.You don’t want to miss out, you need a team that can be on-site in the shortest period of time. You need Gold Coast Bike Batteries.

We specialise in motorcycle battery replacements, to get you back on your steel-stead in the shortest time possible. Many of our staff are dedicated motorcyclists themselves, you may even know some of them from your local rides.

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